A Lack of Trust

Original Airdate

March 4, 2007



Episode Number



Fly no Longer


Labyrinth (episode)

Grasshop and Sparkle find a badly injured Beerain and treat her injuries. Hunter and the Spider Riders consider negotiating with Invectids instead of fighting them. When Buguese appears, Hunter makes the offer, but ends up in a duel with Buguese instead.

Full Recap

While out exploring, Sparkle, Hotarla and Grasshop stumble upon the wounded Beerain. After bandaging her wounds, Beerain discovers that Buguese has been sent to Darkling. Unknown to the other Spider Riders, Hunter ponders how to end the war between humans and Invectids. He presents a proposal to Lumen; the Spider Riders should negotiate peace. Despite a mixed response from the others, Lumen gives Hunter permission to pursue his plan.

Buguese arrives, ready to fight but Hunter makes his offer, asking only what the Invectids want in return. Buguese is clear; hand over the Oracle Keys and all battles will end. But Lumen demands guarantees, causing Buguese to reconsider. Finally, Buguese and Hunter agree to battle to determine who will keep the Oracle Keys. The unexpected arrival of Beerain interrupts the match and she tries to reveal to Buguese all she has learned of Mantid's evil plans. Rather than listen to her, Buguese leaves Beerain in the care of the Spider Riders and departs.

Featured Characters


  • "Aren't you worried at all?"
    "Oh Slate, you are worrying unnecessarily."
    "WHAT? Have you gone mad?"
    "You've got it all wrong. I'm more worried that Grasshop wont be able to keep up with our spirited little princess."
Slate panics when he finds Sparkle and Grasshop missing, while Lily points out what the audience already knows.
  • "Oh Auntie Bee, are you alright?"
    "I'm, not an ant!"
Princess Sparkle asks an injured Beerain if she's well, while giving her a nickname.
  • "That bandage is perfect. I'm impressed Uncle Hop."
    "Heh, heh, let's just say I have lots of experience bandaging wounds princess. Fighting the Spider Riders could be rough."
    "...I'm so sorry!"
    "What? ...Oh no princess, there's nothing for you to apologize about."
Sparkle is the first to actually feel bad about beating up Grasshop, who's kind enough not to hold it against her.
  • "A human and an Invectid, living together, as friends? Deep in my heart, this is the way I've always hoped it could be."- Beerain watches Sparkle and Grasshop getting along and wishes all humans and Invectids would follow their example.
  • "The fool, Hunter hasn't got a chance without the Oracle Keys power."
    "Thanks Magma, I really appreciate all the faith your showing in me."
Hunter demonstrates that he's picked up how to be sarcastic from his battle spider.


  • Princess Sparkle bestows a nickname upon Beerian, calling her Auntie Bee for the first time.