Action in Arachna

Original Airdate

October 8, 2006



Episode Number



Key to the City


Big Bug

The page from Nuuma reveals his box contains another Oracle Key and that Stags has invaded Nuuma. While Hunter believes they need to go to the faraway Nuuma, but Prince Lumen is not so certain.

Full Recap

The Page from Nuuma has revealed that inside his box he carries another Oracle Key, and brings news that Stags has invaded Nuuma. Hunter wishes to venture to Nuuma because of the fact that the people there have called upon the Spider Riders for aid, but Prince Lumen won’t allow it, he does not want to leave the Kingdom of Arachna with no defense, and Nuuma is far away. After learning of the two keys in Arachna Mantid sends both Beerain, and Buguese to retrieve them.

Meanwhile. Grasshop attempts to take the key's with the help of the rather large Invectid, Golden Bore. While it at first seems impossible to get past Golden Bore's defense. The riders manage to knock the behemoth off balance, while Hunter manages to finish him off. Sadly the battle is not over yet, for as soon as Golden Bore is defeated, Buguese and Aqune appear with his new RoboBeetle and steal Hunter's Oracle key...

Featured Characters


  • "Uh oh, I forgot Golden Bore's only weakness is that when he falls on his back, he can't get up again."
    "Say it again louder why don't yeh."
    "Oops, my bad."
Grasshop bemoans Golden Bore's only weakness, while Golden Bore bemoans working with someone dumb enough to give away his only weakness.
  • "It's been a blast!"- Golden Bore chooses his last words very carefully.


  • The episode was supposed to be aired before the episode "Big Bug". Do to complications it was aired out of order.
  • Japan stopped airing the Spider Riders series after this episode.