Inner World


Prince Lumen of Arachna
Princess Sparkle of Arachna
Katydid (an Invectid deserter)
Monk Leader
Village Girl



Arachna is a location within the Inner World. It is home to many of the Humans who live in the Inner World. For many years the Invectids wished to conquer it.


Creation of the Spider Riders

The Spider Riders of Arachna were founded at a forest that would later be known as the "Hill of Champions". It was on this hill that the man who would become Arachna's first king fought off an entire army of invading Invectids alongside a giant spider. The Spirit Oracle witnessed there selfless courage and teamwork and gave them the first Manacle.

Arachna Military

The Arachna army is characterized by its greatest asset, the Spider Riders. While most of its other units were lightly armored foot soldiers. Their strength mostly relies on agile units of men. In battle, the army of Arachna would be lead by Prince Lumen of Arachna, and Commander Igneous.

Places of Interest

Arachna Castle- Arachna Castle sits in the heart of the Arachna Kingdom. Arachna Castle sits atop a bed of pink flowers.

Village of Fragrant Blooms- This village supplies all of Arachna with medicinal flowers and herbs that posses powerful healing abilities.

Hill of Champions- The Hill of Champions is a seemingly desolate place cared for by the caretaker Galena. Atop the hill sits a monument where the Spirit Oracle first appeared before King Arachna. Buguese, the leader of the Invectids Big Four destroyed the monument, expecting to find one of the Oracle Keys.

Forest of Bewilderment- This forest is full of unique trees that give off a rare and unusual pollen that distorts the nervous system of all humans and spiders that enter, causing them to become lost. However Invectids seem immune to the pollens effects.

Fuushuwa- The port town of Fuushuwa is the largest sea town in all of Arachna. The Fuushuwa Falls are well known and is the towns key tourist attraction. Do to the unique nature of the falls, a special kind of ship is required to get up and passed the falls and to the Inner Ocean. Quint, owner and builder of ships owns these kinds of ships.

Oracle's Shrine- The Oracle's shrine in Arachna was a hidden temple where one of the Oracle Keys rested.


  • The Fuushuwa Falls are very reminiscent of the Niagara Falls of the Outer World, only upwards instead of down. Hunter himself notes the similarity between the two.