Battle Spider Brutus

First Appearance

The Wandering Warrior





English Voice Actor

Darren Frost

Japanese Voice Actor

Shigeru Chiba




Magma, Arachna



Brutus is Magma's battle spider.


He saved his Rider from a fire that killed everyone else in his village. He is Portia's older brother and wants to save her from the Invectids.


Before Partnering Up with Magma

Brutus lost his little sister Portia at an unknown point in the past and began to search for her. He saved Magma from a fire caused by the Invectids that killed everyone else in his family and village and the pair have been partners ever since.

New Team

Brutus finally found Portia years later while trying to protect one of the Oracle Keys hidden in one of the Spirit Oracle Shrines, she was unable to recognize him despite his pleas due to the mask used to control her. Brutus continued to try and reason with his sister even as she attacked him.

During the Spider Riders trip to Nuuma, Brutus was again attacked by Portia and her rider while under the influence of another of Buguese's masks. This time the Oracle herself freed Portia from the masks influence and the pair were reunited. Portia joined Brutus and the Spider Riders on there mission to help the people of Nuuma. On the way to Nuuma Buguese attacked the group and placed a new mask on Aqune, forcing Brutus's little sister back to the side of the Invectids. Brutus was forced to watch as Portia aided Aqune and Buguese escape from Nuuma Castle.

After Aqune was forced steal the last of Oracle's power from Hunter's two keys. Portia was granted some of Oracle's power and ordered by Mantid to kill Brutus and the Spider Riders. Brutus watched as she was prevented from doing so by the intervention of Buguese, who removed Aqune's mask, which also dispelled Portia's as well. Permanently freeing Portia from Invectid control and allowing Brutus to reunite with his sister once more.


Oracle Key Powers

Brutus and Magma have not yet used the power of the Oracle Keys in there battles.





  • The day he met Magma, Brutus gave him a Manacle he had with him, but it's never fully explained how Brutus acquired the Manacle. There is a strong possibility that Magma's Manacle may have once belonged to the man who married Galena and he and Brutus were partners. And once that man died, Brutus set out to find a new partner and wielder for the Manacle.