Bitter Revenge

Original Airdate

January 25, 2007



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Nuuma Castle (episode)


The Confrontation

The Invectids have invaded Nuuma Castle with the help of Aqune. Queen Illuma tries to dissuade the Spider Riders from fighting, believing they are too young.

Full Recap

Even with Stags and his forces invading Nuuma Castle, Queen Illuma tries to command the Spider Riders to flee. Hunter however defies her orders, taking Corona and Magma with him to confront the Invectids and leaving Lumen and Igneous to protect the Queen and Nuuma's second Oracle Key.

The Spider Riders split up, searching for Stags and battling forces throughout the palace. Magma confronts the Big Four Invectid Commander himself and finds that he's met his match. Hunter and Corona catch up with Magma and come face to face with Stags. Hunter and Shadow prepare to face Stags in battle in order to protect the people of Nuuma from the Invectid Commander. While this is all going on, Buguese has his own plan to use Aqune as a means to penetrate the last of the castles defenses in order to reach the key.

Meanwhile, Hunter and Shadow begin their duel with Stags. Stags begins by blowing a hole in a nearby wall and sending Shadow tumbling to his apparent doom. He then proceeds to attack Hunter, but Shadow returns in time to protect him. The pair then unleash their own attack upon Stags. But Stags surprises everyone by not only surviving the attack, but actually managing to send the energy back at them through sheer force of will. When the dust settles, Stags stands alone and unopposed. The only thing left of Hunter and Shadow appears to be a pile of ruble...

Featured Characters


Ugh, we'll get you!"
"No, I'll get you."
"Who are you?!"
"You can think of me as the clean-up crew."

Magma prepares to face some of Stags troops.
  • "Venus and I are overdue for a girls night out."- Corona compares war to shopping.


  • Grasshop mentions the game "Cat's Cradle". A game played by two or more people, consisting of a variety of string figures.