Corona's Homecoming is the sixteenth episode of Spider Riders. It first aired in Canada on August 06, 2006 on Teletoon.



Lumen sends Corona and Hunter to search for the second Oracle Key in Araja Village, which happens to be where Corona was raised. Beerain follows them in hopes of snatching the key away and a battle between the Invectids and the Spider Riders ensues.


Corona and Hunter visit Corona's old home town of Araja in search of the Oracle Keys. But Corona's friends and relatives are more interested in making a couple of the two eligible Spider Riders. Despite Corona and Hunter's best efforts, nothing can convince the villagers that they're just good friends. This is not helped by Corona's older twins sisters Senna and Menna, who keep asking pointed questions about there relationship.

While talking with her sisters that night, Hunter learns some surprising facts about Corona's childhood. As it turns out, Senna and Menna found Corona wondering around the village when she was little. The only thing the young Corona could remember was her name and the only possession she apparently owned was her Manacle. The two girls took her in and raised her as there own little sister. They did worry for her safety and decided to hide her manacle form her. However, once she found it again she made a decision to become a Spider Rider and vowed to protect Araja. Inspired by her childhood vow, Hunter visits the town monument and makes a vow of his own.

But the resolve of the Spider Riders is put to the test immediately when Beerain and her Buzzrays show up also looking for an Oracle key. When Beerain summons The Coliseum Hunter and Corona defend the monument and town from the invasion. Though they don't find an Oracle Key at the monument, Hunter and Corona leave after making a new vow to protect all of Arachna.


In the episode

  • Corona's past is expanded upon for the first time.


English dub changes



  • "Why is Corona's face blushing?"
    "It's because she likes Hunter."
    "Look, his face is turning red too!"
    "There perfect for each other!"
—The townspeople of Corona's old home town are eager to pair her with Hunter.
  • "We swear to defeat the Invectids."
    "And protect all the people of this village. And all of Arachna."
Hunter and Corona make there vow before Araja Monument.
  • "Just what kind of vow did you two make at the monument? ..Something romantic?"- Lumen wonders about the vow Hunter and Corona made at the monument.