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This article is about the relationship between Corona and Hunter Steele.

As friends

When Corona first met Hunter, she developed an immediate attachment to the young Earthen, believing he had what it took to become a Spider Rider. Corona wasted no time in convincing Prince Lumen of Arachna and Commander Igneous of his worth. From that moment on she became Hunter's battle partner, she also adopting some maternal instincts toward him. Being the first human Hunter met upon entering the Inner World, she has become his closest friend, Corona offered Hunter her wisdom and emotional support throughout their travels. Later on, after Hunter was thought to have been killed by Stags, she wanted to rush to his side.

As love interests

Corona seems to care a lot for Hunter, She might also have romantic feelings for him too. She glows (using her power) most of the time when Hunter is deeply in fight and gets hurt. She becomes especially worried when Hunter is hurt or in danger and becomes quite jealous when Hunter's guy nature foolishly allows him to mention spending some time the night before with an unknown girl by pushing him into the water fountain he'd slept next to the night before.

Their chemistry and teamwork together is quite outstanding. Strangely, as Prince Lumen once told Hunter, Corona seems to get some pleasure from yelling at Hunter when she's feeling down.

During the last episode, she called him "My Hunter", which is a possible indication that Hunter and Corona are in a relationship together. At the end of the third book, it's heavily implied that the two become a couple.