Fly no Longer

Original Airdate

February 25, 2007



Episode Number



Bad Omens


A Lack of Trust

Beerain escapes from Mantid and tries to find Buguese to inform him of Mantid's true intentions, but is attacked by Aqune, who damages Beerain's wings. Hunter fights Buguese and traps Corona to protect her, believing that she no longer wishes fight.

Full Recap

Beerain has become a fugitive since discovering Mantid's plans to destroy the Inner World. After evading her former allies, she is forced to fight Aqune, who defeats her easily. Only the intervention of the Spirit Oracle allows her to escape with her life.

At Darkling fortress, Hunter tries to decide his next move against the Invectids but Corona is caught up in her own questions. In fact, she gets so confused and worried that the two aspects her personality that only she can see manifest before her. One, her gentle fun loving romantic side. The other, her warrior spirit and drive to be the best. Both offer her ideas about what she should do but neither is very helpful.

Hunter misconstrues her reticence for fear and traps Corona in the fortress when Buguese attacks, leaving him open to defeat. When both he and Corona fail to call upon the Oracle Keys power all seems lost. But Buguese retreats anyway, to get a better understanding of why the Oracle has seemingly abandoned Hunter. Meanwhile, Hunter and Corona reconcile over there earlier miscommunication. While the two aspects of her personality appear to do the same with each other.

Featured Characters


  • "Come into my parlor."
    "Said the spider, to the fly."
Aqune and Beerain greet each other with some pleasantries.
  • "Shadow, do your really think I'm a fool."
    "Is this a trick question?"
Hunter asks Shadow a straight question, and gets an insult as his answer.
  • "I sure like your cooking."
    "Did I hear you right?"
    "Perhaps he hit his head, and lost his senses?"
    "Don't worry Hunter! We'll get you a doctor!"
Hunter asks Corona if she's made dinner yet. Causing the other Spider Riders to think he's brain-damaged.


  • For the first time in the series the Oracle uses her power to openly protect an Invectid. She is able to use her influence to come to Beerain's rescue, through Aqune's manacle.