Ghost Ship

Original Airdate

November 19, 2006



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The Spider Riders are attacked by Invectids but lose them when their ship enters a strange fog. A mysterious ship appears before them and they meet a sailor who once aided the hero Quake on his way to Nuuma.

Full Recap

While lost in a dense fog, the Spider Riders stumble upon to what appears to be a Ghost Ship piloted by the legendary Lost Mariner. Meanwhile, Grasshop, Princess Sparkle and Hotarla struggle to catch up to their ship in their flying machine.

The Mariner shares tales of his youth, sailing the Inner Sea with the hero Quake. But his story is interrupted by an Invectid attack. The Lost Mariner leads Hunter his friends into the thick of the fog where Beerain and her Buzzrays can't find them. Soon Sparkle and Grasshop arrive and crash aboard ship in the chaos.

Eventually the Lost Mariner leads Hunter and the others out of the fog and he along with his ship vanishes before Hunter's eyes. The riders safety seems assured, until Aqune and Portia appear out of nowhere and attack, with Aqune stealing one of Hunter's Oracle Keys. Their evenly matched power and there fighting creates a huge backlash of energy, transporting everyone but Lumen and Igneous away, to where Igneous and the prince can only speculate.

Featured Characters


  • "The Flying Dutchman was a ghost ship doomed to roam the seas, never to find it's way home again. It always appeared out a dense fog like this one. Nothing lived on board, but her phantom ghost crew was always looking for ships to attack. Ships like ours are sitting ducks for the phantom ghost ships..."- Hunter explains the history of the Flying Dutchman to the other riders.
  • "Gaze upon the greatest sailor in the Inner World. I am the Lost Mariner."
    "The Lost Mariner! ...Never heard of you."
—The Lost Mariner proudly introduces himself to Hunter, who isn't very overwhelmed.
  • "Please, my friends call me Quake."
    "They call me the Lost Mariner, and I'm the best sailor in the Inner World."
    "Then why do they call you 'Lost'?"
—The Lost Mariner and Quake first meet and Quake points out the flaw in having a nickname starting with "Lost".
  • "I can't believe I'm following this guy. I mean, his first name is "Lost"."- While trying to escape Beerain and her Buzzrays, Hunter reiterates Quakes logic from days long past.
  • "Uhhh, did we hit the ship?"
    "I think the ship hit us."
Grasshop and Sparkle crash into the Spider Riders ship.


  • Hunter mentions The Flying Dutchman as a legendary phantom ghost ship forever doomed to sail the ocean while telling Corona about phantom ghost ships.
  • It is revealed for the first time that Igneous is afraid of ghosts.