The Invectid Soldier is the main fighting force for the Invectid Nation. They are the foot soldiers of the Invectid army. They come in different varieties and often accompany members of the Big Four, thought they are often commanded by other lower ranked field commanders.


The Invecteds all have one thing in common. They all look like certain types of insects.

The Big Four

The Big Four are Lord Mantid's mightiest warriors.

Inectid Soldiers

  • Dungobeet - An expert spy for Mantid. He's used primarily for spying on both the Spider Riders and other Invectids.
  • Scarab - A lieutenant who attempts to capture Lumen, Sparkle and Igneous. He's betrayed by Grasshop and defeated.
  • Enhanced Invectid Warriors - Invectids made from science and the Oracle's power. They are very fast and strong. One was able to stand against the power of two Oracle Keys before being thrown back. They do not talk much.


  • Invectid Foot Soldiers - These are the lesser version of the Invectid Foot Soldiers. They are usually commanded by Buguese and Grasshop and even other high-ranked members of the Invectid Army.
  • Stags Foot Soldiers - These come in two varieties. White foot soldiers are the most common variety. They use curved clubs/swords to combat their opponents. The second variety are tan and use throwing knives that resemble Stags sword.
  • Buzzrays - a group of stingray like soldiers under the command of Beerain.
  • Buzzbit - Used by the Invectids to send secret communications. They speak in a chirping language.