First Appearance

The Wages of War





English voice actor

Japanese voice actor

Megumi Toyoguchi

Katydid (also known as Katy or Katie) is an Invectid who lives with Humans.


Katy is a pacifist, so she left the Invectid Nation to live a peaceful life alongside the humans of Cross Town, and has since been branded a traitor. She is currently wanted for treason against Mantid. One day, when her friend Magma visited her, Katy met the new Spider Rider Hunter Steele. At the same time Grasshop and a mind-controlled Aqune had been sent on a mission to Cross Town retrieve her.

When they found her Grasshop had Aqune and his Battle Bug attack Cross Town. Demanding the humans hand Katy over to them. Katy attempted to surrender in exchange for sparing the town and it's people. But she was instead captured by the Battle Bug and forced to watch as the Invectid machine went on an uncontrolled rampage throughout the town. But the more Katy pleaded for it to stop, the more damage the machine caused.

When Hunter learned the machines weakness was it's antenna. Katy watched as Hunter and Aqune attacked and defeated the Battle Bug together, Katy was then saved by Hunter with help from Shadow. Once safe Katy thanked Hunter and Aqune for their assistance, despite Aqune's objections.



  • It's possible that Katy went back home to the Invectid lands after Mantid's defeat at the hands of Hunter and the Spider Riders.
  • Katy in the English version of the series is called Lemin in the Japanese version.