Manacle SP01

First Appearance

The Inner World


Hunter Steele
Prince Lumen of Arachna
Princess Sparkle of Arachna


To allow a human to bond with a Battle Spider.

A Manacle is an ancient talisman created by the Spirit Oracle to help the Humans protect their land. The first Manacle was given to King Arachna the First at the Hill of Champions. The Manacle allows humans to bond with their very own Battle Spiders.

The one who wears the manacle becomes a battle ready warrior when they say "Arachna Power" or "Oracle's Light". They can then change back by saying "Rider Out". They can summon their spider partners from inside there manacle by calling "Spider Out" and the spider's name. They can also dismiss their spiders into Manacle Space by calling "Spider In".

Manacle Space

A Manacle can convert any spider to a form of energy, pull it into its center, and close. When this happens the spider will enter into a pocket dimension called manacle space.

The environment inside manacle space is designed to be attractive to spiders also; according to Shadow, he felt instinctively at ease within manacle space.

Spiders appear to be conscious while inside manacle space. Several spiders have shown the ability to leave manacle space at will, most notably among them being Shadow.


Transformations occur when a Spider Rider calls upon the Oracle.

Spider Riders Transformation

Spider Riders Transformation

Hunter, Corona, and Igneous' Transformations

Arachna's Royal Riders Transformation

Arachna's Royal Riders Transformation

Prince Lumen and Princess Sparkle's Transformation

Spider Riders Girl Power

Spider Riders Girl Power

Aqune and Corona's Transformations


  • There are currently eight Manacles in existence, why the Oracle made only eight is never explained in the series,but it is said that she created eight manacles for the eight legs of a spider.
  • The Manacles are worn like Spiderman's web shooters.
  • The Manacles can double over as a kind of walkie talkie.
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