Mantid's Trap

Original Airdate

April 1, 2007



Episode Number



Dark Deception


Welcome Back

Quake reveals a prophesy concerning eight Spider Riders defeating Mantid and that Quake is the eighth. Mantid gives Buguese control of his new creation, Dark Opal, and commands him to attack the Spider Riders with Aqune.

Full Recap

Overwhelmed by the sad state of the Invectid lands, the Spider Riders debate their next move. Quake reveals the reason for his absence for so many years. After his allies were all defeated by Mantid, he faced the lord of the Invectids alone, only to suffer defeat himself. Rather than cost others their lives through his rash actions he decided to wait for the prophesied time when all eight Spider Riders would gather together and summon the Spirit Oracle herself. Hunter counts only seven Spider Riders including Sparkle and Aqune when Quake reveals his latest surprise, he is the eighth Spider Rider.

An attack by Buguese's giant Invectid machine, Dark Opal, forces the heroes to fight. But Buguese is himself betrayed by Aqune, who uses Dark Opal to steal the power of the final two Oracle Keys for Mantid. The power of Hunter's two keys is stolen and sent straight to Fortress Mantid. While Buguese and the Spider Riders are left in complete shock at the new turn in events.

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  • "If Buguese refuses to negotiate we have to fight. But we'll use the battle to argue our point, since that's the only way to get through to him."- Hunter suggests the best way to reason with Buguese is through the use of "aggressive negotiations".
  • "I don't believe it! Mantid drained the last two Oracle Keys! Are you happy now Buguese?"- Hunter laments the theft of Oracle's power, and rubs Buguese face in it one more time.