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The tenth mission in the "Battle for Arachna" online game.

Mission: Find the Spy Inside the Fortress

Speak with Corona and she will give you a seal. Go west, and south twice. You will end up in an area with a fountain. Go south once again. Give the seal to the two guards and they will grant you entrance, so go south. Go to the only door on the right wall. Inside, talk to Corona. Take the key, and get the two Battle Cards. Go into the smaller hall and use your keys on your door and go inside. There will be a Buzzbit in your room, defeat it. After that, talk to Corona and she will tell you about a spy. Grab the Battle card and go out into the hallway again. Go through the door and talk to the guard. Go outside and talk to the castle attendant, he'll give you keys to the Fortress. Go into the room with the single guard. Besides the door that leads to the small hallway, there should be another door on the left. Go to the door, and talk to Corona, who's standing beside an unknown spider. Use the keys to unlock the Princess's room, and go in. After the extremely short conversation, defeat the monsters, and attack the Invectid dancing on the ball of mud. Be careful, this enemy can use cards. Although he is weak, increase your defense just in case. The most annoying thing would be the fact that his defense is high so most of your attacks miss. Don't use your cards without thinking first. Make sure you have enough yellow dice for powerful cards, and try not to waste any. After the battle, you've completed your mission.



  • The Invectid standing on the large ball of mud is Dungobeet.