Battle for Arachna

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The eleventh mission in the "Battle for Arachna" online game.

Mission: Win a Duel

In the morning Corona arrives at your room to inform you that Prince Lumen of Arachna will finally meet with you. Head out, and you’ll run into Igneous and Battle Spider Flame. After this go to Lumen’s throne room and talk to him. The prince is thankful that you saved Sparkle, so he offers you a chance to join the Spider Riders. After your talk you'll find some money on the ground, remember to take it before leaving. Leave and speak to Igneous. He won’t let to join the team until you duel him. Leave the castle. Igneous is at the coliseum, but you have a few things to do in the village first, now that the shops are open. Give gold to the man standing by a card to receive it- “Spider Armor.” On the same map, enter the open shop door. Pay the woman inside for a new card, "The Kleaver". After this go up and then right, where you’ll find Corona once again. Spend the last of your money on the “Yellow Manacle” card, from the man standing next to it. Talk to Corona, in order to enter the coliseum and duel Igneous. Once you defeat Igneous he will congratulate you.



  • Flame speaks to the player, this is the first time he is ever shown speaking in any Spider Riders media.