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The fifteenth mission in the "Battle for Arachna" online game.

Mission: Collect The Cards!

Well done Spider Rider! You've already gotten this far! After Prince Lumen thanks you, collect the key and leave the room. The mission objective now is to collect all the Battle Cards that have been scattered all over town.

Go into the only other room here. You'll see two battle cards. On your left, there will be an Battle Action: Evasion card that will decrease your opponent's attack power by two for one round. Head north and get another card: Battle Action: Disarm. This card's pretty neat; it allows you to remove one of your opponent's equipment cards and discard it. Open the door nearby and unlock your room using the key you got. When this fails to work you'll notice there's another door. So head up the stairs and open the door. There you'll find another Battle card, Equipment: Bug Zapper. Bug Zapper increases your attack power by one.

Look at the door nearby and you'll notice it's sparkling. Using the key on this door. Take the key and the card: Battle Action: Positive Attitude. Positive Attitude allows you to re-roll your dice.

Now, since you have another key, use it on the door to your room. Then go in and you'll find some money on the desk. Take it and another free card, Equipment: Skirmish Shield. It has a defense rating of 2.

Now that we have some money to spend, go into town. The blacksmith has a new card. If you talked to him in the previous mission, he says he's making a new armor. But he adds that the armor isn't ready yet. Go to the area with the arena. To get there, go North, then head East.

Hey, the craftsman has a card as well, Equipment: Swordshot. Then the woman who ordered a necklace earlier has now ordered a ring. Take the ring to her. Once again, she pays you, but this time, she included a free card. You got: Equipment: Stingslinger. It has a power rating of 2.

Now, head back to the blacksmith from earlier and he will give you Equipment: Rider Scale. One of the best defense cards in the game.

With that, you've completed the mission. Save and you will automatically be exited and forced to log out.


  • Spined Krail