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The second mission in the "Battle for Arachna" online game.

Mission: To Discover the Oracle's Statue Chamber

Pick up the Battle Card using the rope to get up, it will boost your power. If you don't have the rope, go to the door or the other way. Defeat the door guardian. When you go through the door you will see an monster. Try to kill it, if you think you're too weak than press retreat and backtrack to retrieve any cards you passed up. Retrieve the card and you will be strong enough to defeat the monster. The card is yellow, it responds with the yellow dice. Before you try to leave the room examine the object in the center. It is an Manacle, you can store a Spider inside, you won't get one until level 5, go back and go into the other way. You'll spot a rope, retrieve it and go get the card. Go to the room that had the manacle and click the door at the side, fight it. It is even stronger than the last guardian.


  • Wooden Door
  • Cave Bat - The Cave bat's attack is higher than the players defense, though it's health is low.
  • Stone Door - This door cannot hurt the player either, but it has high defense.