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The fourth mission in the "Battle for Arachna" online game.

Mission: To Find a Way Out of the Forest

Your on your way to becoming a true Spider Rider. Kill the smaller monster first and get the card. Kill the flower at the top, then go through and your in a place with two monsters, fight the smaller one first, then the big one. Afterwards you'll see there is no way out so go back and try the bottom flower. Kill the monster and you'll find a green card. Try and fight the Invectid if you have been upgraded to trainee level. If you kill it go that way now, kill the Invectids and free the Human woman. The woman will thank you, she'll tell you the doors are closed. She'll drop a key, which you need to retrieve. Go to the house were the large monster seen earlier. Use the key on the door, you'll then find an axe. The axe isn't an equip item, it is a item to chop the wood. If your a trainee now, try and kill the large monster. If you killed it use the axe on the wood with sparkles on it.



  • The green battle card is an equipment card, with a picture of a shield and Corona.