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The fifth mission in the "Battle for Arachna" online game.

Mission: To bond with a Spider and defeat the evil Invectids

You begin in a space with two NPC characters. Talk to them.
The woman gives you a quest to find the flower and tools and then give then to her.
The man tells you that Arachna is under attack.
Go up and exit that room. You'll finish these quests later. The flowers will attack, finish them and obtain the Battle Cards. You will get the rope later, then take the exit it at the side. There's the purple flower that the woman needed, retrieve it. Now go out into the forest, kill the Invectids in the area. Once you defeat all of them, go down and exit that area. There is the another rope, but nothing can break through that log, you need the axe again. Defeat the Invectid and leave, then defeat all other the Invectids in the area. Their is a man you can speak to if you wish, though you don't have too. If you skip a monster, it will take a while to get to full rank, so it's best to fight it then.
A wounded man says he was attacked.
Now you killed all the Invectids, exit from the other way. Kill the two Buzzbit's, then talk to the lumberjack and ask him for his axe, then, kill the other monster. Retrieve the purse, it's the tools for the medicine. The lumber jack doesn't give you the axe. Do not walk to the right side, it is a dead end. Do not go to the top. You're too weak, you need a Battle Spider. Now go back, and keep on, talk to the lady who asked for the tools and flower. She'll give you the medicine, give it to the man who was wounded. He will give you a key, the key for the lumberjack's house. Give it to the lumberjack and he'll give you an axe. Use it on the log, kill the Invectid and get the rope. Return to the sight where there were many flowers to kill. Go up and kill the flower, get the two cards, then exit. Approach the large black shadowy spider and speak to it.
The Spider will refuse to speak to you at first.
Show it the manacle.
The Spider then agrees to become your battle partner. You can now decorate it whatever way you wish.
Now, when you finished customizing your Battle Spider, go to the spot with the dead end and battle a difficult monster, or use the short cut just outside Arachna kingdom, go fight the difficult monster path, your spider will make fighting easier now.


  • Poisonous Flower (3)
  • Poisonous Flower (9)
  • Buzzbit
  • Big Nasty-Tat
  • Invectid Champion