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The sixth mission in the "Battle for Arachna" online game.

Mission: Rescue the Prisoners

You begin where you ended last mission. Click anywhere and your battle spider will give you a net. Get it, it's really useful for this mission. Go north-east and talk to the lumberjack. He tells you that someone is looking for you. Go south-east, go to the monster and kill it. Attack the next monster, keep on going. Talk to human man. He'll say 'The doors of the village will stay closed until we find our missing family and friends'. Don't go to the door close to the man, it's closed. So go to the other exit. Your back to the beginning. Go north-east an go north-east again up the ramp. Corona will tell you more about the missing villagers. Go up onto the other ramp and there are three Invectids. Kill them all (while you only have to kill two Invectids to go to the room, your rank will get higher more quickly if you kill monsters). Oh and do you see that sparkling thingy? You can climb up it with your spider web! But first kill the Invectids than start using your spider web. You don't really have to go there but you can have a sneak peak of what's next. Pass through the bridge, you'll go through it in a matter of minutes. Now exit and go down once again and go to the other entrance you haven't been to. The place with the purple flower you gave to the herbiest last time. Find the man in the corner being attacked by Invectids and defeat all the monsters while using the web to get down. Also, get all the Battle Cards. The Flying Invectid is hard to kill though, so that is why Guild Cards are always helpful. When you killed all of them and are in the next room, there is like three waiting for you. Once they are all defeated talk to the prisoners, and your done.



  • If your doing Missions on the Multiplayer Spider Rider game, get a Guild and you get guild cards. It really helps on this level.