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The seventh mission in the "Battle for Arachna" online game.

Mission 7: To Save the Village

You begin at The Coliseum where the villagers were being kept prisoners leave the area. See that object sparkling, you'll have to retrieve it soon. Talk to the man, he'll give you valuable information, time to get wood and fire. Now kill the monsters and talk to the lady. She tells you about the Invectids siege. Help the villagers, exit the room and there is a new entrance. Enter and you'll see Princess Sparkle of Arachna. Talk to her, she thinks you're a stranger at first, show her you Manacle. Now cross the bridge and speak to the villager, and learn that the Invectids have invaded. Now go talk to the two villagers. One of them is married and his wife is missing. Go talk to the other two villagers and Corona. One of them tells you that the man whose wife is missing sells weapons and the other tells you he's doomed. Corona tells you the Invectids are too strong currently and her spider is gone, exit the other way not into the forest but continue into the village. You see that the Invectids are staying in one corner keeping Corona's spider Venus prisoner. Get out of there too and continue into the forest. Talk to the man, he gives you a pick. Kill the flowers and go up. Kill that brown bug-type Invectid, now go up again. Talk to the man and take the board. Go down west and use the pike on the sparkling rocks. Now you need fire, go north east. Go up the ramp and go north. As you can see, the two warriors won't let you in until the next mission. Go speak with the woman again and she gives you a ring go back show it to the husband and he gives you fire use it on the web and defeat the Invectid's champion.


  • Buzzbit
  • Chompede
  • Big Nasty-Tat
  • Poisonous Flower (2)
  • Chiggerwigz
  • Invectid Warrior