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Nuuma Castle is the capital of the Kingdom of Nuuma. Inside the castle rests two of the Oracle Keys.


Nuuma is the one place in the whole of the Inner World where one can be trained to become an Oracle's Handmaid. In fact virtually all of the Oracle's chosen maidens are born and raised at the castle.

Nuuma Castle has the ability to fly into the air with the power of it's Oracle Key and the Oracle's blessing. If the key were to be removed while the castle was in flight. The castle would fall almost instantly unless one of the Oracles maiden's put another key in it's place.


  • The concept of a floating castle is fairly common. The floating island of Aeolia appeared in Homer's The Odyssey.
  • Nuuma Castle shares similarities with other mythological islands, such as the mythical Tír na nÓg from Irish mythology, which had the power to float in the air.