Nuuma Castle (episode)

Original Airdate

January 23, 2007



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Spies and Lies


Bitter Revenge

The Spider Riders finally enter Nuuma and discover the city is completely deserted and Nuuma Castle is suspended in the sky. They are taken to the castle and greeted by the beautiful Queen Illuma, who senses something familiar about Corona.

Full Recap

The Spider Riders finally arrive in Nuuma only to find the city completely under Invectid control. They are found by a Nuumian Page by the name of Solan, who shows them a secret path into the floating Nuuma Castle. The presence of their Spiders activates a mystical door through the Oracle's barrier. Inside the castle, Igneous is instantly smitten by Queen Illuma, but she is more interested in learning more about Corona, whom she believes could be a long-lost Oracle's Handmaid who was taken from Nuuma as a child.

But before that mystery can be solved, Buguese and Stags launch an attack on the castle, using Aqune and Portia to activate the mystical gate. An Invectid spy tries to ambush Queen Illuma but Hunter and Shadow confront, and defeat the invader. Unfortunately this does little to stop the other Invectids now invading the castle. Illuma and Solan cannot understand how the Invectids are getting in. Hunter however knows that the only ones who would be able to allow them access are Aqune and her spider Portia.

Featured Characters


  • "My men are soldiers, they will do as you command. I will await your orders sir."
    "You deserve much better... as do you, Beerain."
Buguese takes command of the Nuuman invasion from Stags.
  • "I'm not an Invectid! I'm not an Invectid! I'm not an Invectid!"- Grasshop, desperately trying to keep a low profile.
  • "Oh Queeeen! The Spider Riders are here to save the day!"- Lumen introduces himself the Queen Illuma with his usual grace and tact.
  • "Can't we all just get along?! OWWWW!"- Grasshop, after being hit by a Nuuman arrow.


  • The Invectid solider who reported to Stags looks and sounds like Scarab from the episode "Grasshop's Misfortunes", it is unknown if he's the same Invectid or one who simply looks and sounds like Scarab.
  • The Invectid who attacked Queen Illuma is never named.