Oracle's Maiden

Original Airdate

February 5, 2007



Episode Number



Protectors of Life



With the Nuuman key removed, Nuuma Castle starts falling to the ground. Hunter and Corona use the Oracle's power along with one of Hunter's Oracle Keys to bring the castle down safely.

Full Recap

With Nuuma Castle safely on the ground again, Igneous tries to approach Queen Illuma about his feeling for her. Only for him to discover that she already has feelings of her own for her page Solan. Queen Illuma thanks the Spider Riders for their help and reveals an astounding secret; Aqune has visited Nuuma before, as one of the Oracle's chosen in training. And at her side was another young Handmaid in training her sister, Corona.

On the journey home, Corona is confused about her destiny. Hunter tries to cheer her up, but he only makes her angry at him. When the ship is attacked by a flock of flying Invectids, Igneous is too heartbroken over his unrequited love to help out, while Magma is still to sick to be of much help. Hunter and Shadow try to save the day and are almost overwhelmed by the swarm. Upon seeing this, Corona realizes that Hunter was only trying to help her, so for the first time she consciously calls upon her power as a handmaid to help Hunter. The Oracle Keys respond to her and helps Hunter and Shadow beat back the Invectid swarm. Allowing the Spider Riders to continue home to Arachna.

Featured Characters


  • "My Queen, you are the fairest rose. With big brown eye's, and a royal nose. No no, there once was a hero named Igneous. Wait, what rhymes with Igneous?"- Igneous tries to come up with romantic poetry to impress Illuma, and fails.
  • "Uh excuse me, do you think that someone could give me a hand? That is if it's not to much trouble? Otherwise I'm gonna fall! Oh now it's to late! Augh! That's gonna leave a bruise."- Grasshop asks for help as he clings to the castle for dear life, and again no one seems to care.
  • "We're not interested in watching you toss your cookies!"- Grasshop scolds Magma for getting seasick, again.
  • "I'm going to help fight off the Invectids."
    "Good idea Magma, your liquid barf-o's will grouse them away."
Magma wishes to help fight attacking Invectids but is to ill to go. While Grasshop is less than sympathetic.
  • "Good bye, my love..."
    "GET OVER IT!"
Igneous mumbles his emotional distress, while everyone else gently tells him to move on.


  • Igneous is immobilized throughout the episode do to Queen Illuma unknowingly breaking his heart by already having fallen in love with her page Solan.
  • Quake briefly mentions Hunter's grandfather, revealing that he did know him.