Protectors of Life

Original Airdate

January 29, 2007



Episode Number



The Confrontation


Oracle's Maiden

Hunter Steele fights Buguese's Battle Beetle, but cannot defeat it until Grasshop assists them. However, Buguese reveals that he was merely distracting the Spider Riders in order to allow someone else to secure his prize.

Full Recap

Hunter and Shadow face off against Buguese's newest version of the Battle Beetle. When they destroy a piece of its armor, the Beetle regenerates, making itself virtually indestructible. It attacks Hunter and Shadow, lashing them to columns and blasting them repeatedly. The Spider Riders join forces to come to their friends' rescue but find themselves beaten down and at the mercy of the beast. Hunter quietly taunts Buguese, giving him and Shadow an opportunity to escape.

With a little help from Grasshop, who managed to remove the Battle Beetles regeneration device. Hunter and Shadow destroy the Beetle only to discover Buguese's true plan; to provide Aqune with enough time to remove the Oracle Key from it's resting place orb. After she removes the key the Castle and all its inhabitants begin to fall from the sky. Hunter tries to stop the fall by placing one of his own key's in the orb. Unfortunately he can't get past the resting orb's defensive barrier. Corona offers her help and the pair apparently manage to pass the barrier and place their key inside. This act slows the castle, which then lands gently back in the city of Nuuma.

Featured Characters


  • "The beetle, it didn't regenerate!"
    "Someone must have removed the regeneration device ...Grasshop!"
    "How dare you Grasshop!"
Buguese discovers Grasshop is more dangerous than he first believed.
  • "Oh no don't worry yourself about me. I'm just peachy!"- Grasshop, while trapped under some debris.
  • "Maybe will land somewhere soft, or the ground is going to be very hard! It's not going to be fluffy like a pillow! We're going to fall down and go boom! Is this it Oracle? Is this how you reward heroes?! Ah! Augh!"- Grasshop again laments his lot in life, while the powers that be appear not to care.
  • "The Oracle's Handmaid..."
    "Well, that rules you out."
Hunter learns he can't place his Oracle Key into the crystal pedestal, and Shadow points out the obvious, again.