Original Airdate

February 11, 2007



Episode Number



Oracle's Maiden


Bad Omens

Upon returning to Arachna, the Spider Riders discover Invectids at the castle. Slate and his troops struggle to hold them off until Igneous turns the tide in their favor. The Invectids flee, only to return at night with a new type of Invectid to attack Slate and other guards.

Full Recap

Slate and the exhausted Arachna guardsmen fight to defend Arachna against Invectid forces but only the timely arrival of the Spider Riders turns the tide. The Spider Riders settle in to normal life by catching up with old friends. Hunter and Corona visit the ship builder Quint to apologize for wrecking his ship. Magma shares tales of meeting the hero Quake with his friend, the Theatre Troupe leader and a lonely Igneous tries to reconnect with his fan club, only to discover that all the girls found boyfriends while he was away

The calm is shattered when Mantid's plans for his two Oracle Keys is made clear. After supplying power to the formerly dark Invectid city, hundreds of new, more powerful Invectid Warriors are created using Invectid science and the Oracle's power. Mantid sends a single warrior to attack Arachna and even Hunter's "Blue Bolt" barely stops the creature. Leaving Hunter and the others to wonder how they will fight an entire army of such warriors.

Featured Characters


  • "Invectid! Prepare to meet the sharp end of my blade!"
    "AHHH! Don't point that thing at me!"
    "Nothing can save you from my wraith!"
    "Don't hurt my Uncle Hop!"
Slate tries to attack Grasshop. While Sparkle defends her favorite uncle.
  • "I don't need them! I don't need anybody. ...YES I DO!"- Igneous has a breakdown when his fanclub informs him they've moved on.
  • "Hmm? Someone forgot to bring their team spirit."- An Invectid Officer takes notice of the newbies apparent lack of enthusiasm.
  • "I know commander Slate warned us, but there's no way the Invectids will attack tonight. I'd like to see an Invectid try to get past us."
    "Yeah, there frightened by our superior skills, and awed by our bravery."
— Two Arachna Guardsmen brag about how amazing they are, while shirking there duties.


  • The last time Grasshop and Slate met was in the season one episode "Return of a Friend".
  • Quint is seen again still helping in the rebuilding efforts seen taking place in the episode "Voyage".
  • Oddly, the Nuuman Page who delivered the Nuuman Oracle key to the Spider Riders is neither seen nor mentioned in this or any of the later episodes. Supposedly, he went back to Nuuma on the same ship that brought the others home off screen.