First Appearance

Return of a Friend







English voice actor

Dan Petronijevic

Japanese voice actor

Anri Katsu

Slate is a past Arachna knight. He is Igneous's best friend and friendly rival.


Slate was once an Arachnian knight who was a good friend and rival to Igneous. They were both known as the legendary "Fang and Claw of Arachna" to everyone. However, he left the rank of knights a long time ago to take care of the people in his small village.

Years later Slate returned to Arachna, but challenged Igneous to a duel to the death. Hunter Steele did a little investigating and found out Grasshop had taken a pendant of value from Slate and said he would return it once Slate defeated Igneous. In exchange for defeating Igneous, Grasshop agreed not to destroy Slate's village. Hunter and Shadow were able to successfully drive away Grasshop's occupation force.

Hunter later found Slate and Igneous, informing them of the truth. Even though the Invectids were gone, the two knights still fought and they concluded that they were equally matched. Later, Slate had arrived to help Arachna against an Invectid invasion, but it had been already driven off. However, Prince Lumen decided to leave him in charge of Arachna castle while the Spider Riders helped the people of Nuuma.

While the Spider Riders traveled, Slate and his men had there hands full defending the land of Arachna. One day Slate and his men where defending the castle from a small contingent of Invectids, when the long awaited Spider Riders appeared. After the Invectids fled Slate happily greeted the entire party, save one. When Slate saw Grasshop among the them he tired to attack the former Invectid soldier. While Princess Sparkle was able to convince Slate to not try and harm him, Slate continued to show open mistrust and contempt for the former member of the "Big Four" for some time to come.

After the Spider Riders took Darklin Fortress. Slate was given the duty of staying at the base and making certain that it remained out of enemy hands. Not long after, he was among many who witnessed both the draining, and later restoration of the Oracle Sun.



  • Slate in the English version of the series is called Grey in the Japanese version.