A Spider Rider is Human who works together with a Spider partner (called a Battle Spider or Spider Warrior) to defend the Kingdom of Arachna whenever the word goes out "Calling All Spider Riders", the Riders would head out into battle to defend the innocent.

To bring their Spider out of their Manacle, the rider would call out the name of their spider partner and "Spider Out." When shouting "Arachna Power", the Manacle equips them with their armor, as well as their weapons and shields.


Long ago, when Invectids invaded the land of Arachna and laid it to ruin in there attempts to conquer the land. One man fought against all the Invectid invaders. That man was King Arachna. Arachna fought bravely against the Invectid invaders, until he was driven to a hill and surrounded. It was at that time that a giant spider came to the aid of Arachna and his warriors. The pair both wished to protect their home and fought side-by-side to stop the Invectid invasion. The Spirit Oracle then appeared before them, moved by their shared desire to protect. Endowing man and spider with the ability to combine their strengths. Upon receiving the first manacle the king and the spider instantly transformed, and the Spider Riders were formed.



  • King Arachna: the first Spider Rider, known for defeating the Invectid army in ancient times, which brought about the Spider Riders' creation.


  • King Arachna and his Spider are the first known inhabitants of the Inner World to meet the Oracle in person.
  • Hunter Steele was the second known Spider Rider and possibly the first known Earthen to ever see the Oracle in person.
  • There are currently eight Manacles in existence (meaning only eight Spider Riders can be active at any given time), why the Oracle made only eight is never explained in the series.