Spider Rider's Ball! is the sixth episode of Spider Riders. It first aired in Canada on May 28, 2006 on Teletoon.



Buguese's loss to Hunter and Corona amuses Grasshop, who decides to prove his superiority by defeating the Spider Riders.


Every child in Arachna Kingdom is playing with a new kind of toy called a Sparkling Sphere but Sparkle. After Hunter discovers where the children found the spheres and gets one for her, Sparkle is afraid to tell him that it turned black when she tried to paint it.

But when Grasshop invades the city by controlling the children with his spheres, Sparkle’s mistake saves her from its hypnotic effects. The spheres form a giant robot that uses the children as a shield and warps light, rendering it invisible as it pummels Hunter and Shadow. It’s only when Sparkle and Hunter realize her black sphere remains visible even when the rest of the robot is not that they are able to turn the tables. And thus Sparkle, the youngest Spider Rider, achieves her first victory over the Invectids with the help of Hunter.


In the episode


English dub changes

  • The English version of this episode edits out the scene where Lumen calls Sparkle cute as he watches her play. The edit is made due to the sibling relationship between the two.
  • While in the English version, Grasshop calls out four phases to his plan, in the Japanese version, he only calls out three phases. The phases are as follows:
    • Stage 1: Get the children of the village to take his sparkle spheres from the cave.
    • Stage 2: Put a spell on the children and have them go through the town, then when all of them are gathered. Combine the spheres to create the Sphere Beetle.
    • Stage 3: Combine the remaining spheres with the beetle to make it bigger and stronger.
    • Stage 4: Get the Beetle to go invisible and destroy the Spider Riders.



  • "Hunter, these kids look up to Spider Riders. Try not to do anything foolish to spoil there respect, okay?"
    "Yes mother."
Shadow insists Hunter makes a good impression on the kids. Hunter is less than enthusiastic.
  • "Wak-ey Wak-ey! Ha ha! I'm so clever I wanna kiss myself...Mwah mwah MWAH!"- Grasshop congratulating himself on his scheme as he is about to awaken the captured children of Arachna with his hypnotizing spheres.