Spirit Oracle

First Appearance

The Inner World







English voice actor

Julie Lemieux

Japanese voice actor

Saeko Chiba

The Spirit Oracle appears to be a beautiful woman, who united both Humans and Spiders long ago to fight together.


Long ago the Spirit Oracle materialized in the vast cavern that would become the Inner World before any life appeared there. The Oracle then infused the land with her power to bring light and life into the Inner World, thus allowing plants and animals to thrive and water the flow there.

Many years later, the Oracle protected the humans of the Inner World from the threat of the Invectids, by supporting King Arachna and his Spider by bestowing upon them the first Manacle. Some time later, the Oracle started to summon Earthens (humans from the surface world) into the Inner World. Choosing them as worthy of becoming Spider Riders. The Oracle chose the Earthen Mantid to be her champion. But Mantid lost many of the people he cared for, including his wife Loraine. Mantid then became angry at the Oracle and tried to steal her keys in an attempt to revive his beloved. Unaware of her champions suffering, the Oracle attempted to stop Mantid and summoned another earthen, Digger Steele to stop him. While Mantid's scheme was halted, the Oracle lost the ability to bring light to the Invectid Nation. Sometime later, the Oracle chose Corona and Aqune to be handmaidens.

Later the Oracle sensed Hunter Steele, and brought him down into the Inner World. The Oracle let out a cry of pain when Buguese, in "Memories of Champions" sliced the Hill of Champions monument in half. In "Paradise", as Hunter began to throw his manacle away, the Oracle cried, and Hunter seemed unable to toss the manacle into the sea. The Oracle would often refuse to allow her power to be used with wicked intent, such as when Aqune tried to kill Beerain, the Oracle cried and took the power away from her. When Hunter was going to deliver the finishing blow to Mantid, the Oracle cried, appearing before him herself in order to stop him.


The Spirit Oracle's clothing always seems to be floating as if being blown about by wind. The Oracle has her eyes closed almost all the time and seldom moves her hands.


  • According to original plans for the series, Aqune was going to be the Oracle's reincarnation. Due to plot changes, this idea was later written out.
  • It is unknown if the Spirit Oracle is an advanced humanoid herself, a magical entity, or some other kind of entity altogether.